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3 ways mediation reduces the stress of the divorce process

On Behalf of | Jun 7, 2021 | Family Law

Stress often accompanies divorce. Psychreg magazine reports that it is one of the top five most stressful situations an individual may encounter in life. Even in cases where the decision to split is mutual, there are a lot of emotions and changes to deal with, not to mention legal matters like property division.

Mediation, when a trained, neutral third party facilitates proceedings to reach a settlement, is an option that may considerably reduce the strain of the divorce process. It does so in numerous ways.

1. It saves time and money

With mediation, individuals avoid the hassle and time involved with trying to obtain a court hearing, waiting for it and attending it. They also avoid the associated fees. As a result, it is generally faster and cheaper than litigation.

2. It reduces conflict

Mediators receive training specifically for lowering conflict. They know how to deescalate tense situations and show no bias. People who choose mediation usually want to avoid excessive fighting in the first place and have a vested interest in peacefully reaching a solution.

3. It grants you greater control

Individuals retain control through every step, determining the direction negotiations go in, the information revealed and the deals made. They set the rules rather than a court. Unlike with litigation, the details of the case also remain completely confidential if the involved parties wish them to.

Choosing mediation over going to court may mitigate the stress that typically comes with divorce and allow separating couples to reach an agreement that satisfies both sides.

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